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I was extremely worried about the dress I ordered from after reading some awful reviews. I followed others advice and ordered a dress on the plain side. I ordered BC045. The dress does arrive in a small package crumpled up but was fine once I steamed it with an iron. I was extremely impressed with the satin fabric, it didn’t look cheap at all. There were several things I was not impressed with…. The sweetheart neckline of the dress was crooked. The left side was higher and stuck out in a funny way so much that when I turned sideways, you could see my bra in plain sight. The corset string looked awful, very chunky and ill made which makes for a very clumpy look once laced up. Although I ordered a somewhat plain dress, my dress did have pleats in it. Some of them looked beautiful and were well sewn but the ones across my mid section didn’t lay right causing me to look pregnant from the side. I had to re-stitch some of the pleats because the one little stich they put in didn’t hold. The lining of the dress was also slightly longer than the actual dress. I had been fitted at a bridal store and was told I was a size 10 in bridal sizes. The size 10 I ordered from was a little too large, an 8 would’ve fit much better and maybe eliminated the ill looking mid-section pleats.??? To fix the neckline, I folded the top of the neckline down and stitched it. I also added a rhinestone belt that I made. I had a very small destination wedding in Las Vegas so I’m fine with the fact that I ordered a cheap, lower quality dress. Had I had a huge wedding & reception, I would’ve felt uncomfortable about this dress.The dress beautiful in most pics though, except for side view preggo looking ones. I meant to take close up pics for this review but an unexpected ER visit the day of the wedding kind of made me forget to that.


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  1. I too ordered a dress and was not too happy with the size and sewing of the dress. I gave specific measurements. My bust was way too big, the draping around the bust was crooked, one side of my dress with attached lace jacket was crooked and the length was way too long. I too looked pregnant in the dress and according to the pics, this dress should have been well fitted on the bust and it was sewn crooked. Luckily I had a beach wedding, small, therefore a windy day so I am sure my dress was not looked at up close. I needed to spend extra money to get the dress altered to somewhat fit right and had to wear a padded strapless bra to fit into the dress. It made me look like I was dolly parton. Not too happy.

  2. I am very, very dissatisfied with this company!!! Finally after a long wait with wedding right around the corner, my flower girl’s dress comes in and she is a true size. So that is what I ordered. Never had a problem… Finally the dress comes in… to my horror it is someone Else’s wedding dress!!! I emailed the company and can you believe they asked me to take pics of the dress and tag on dress that I received… then preceded to ask me to ship this dress to the bride that it belonged to… WOW!!! Never in my life!!! My flower girl’s dress did not fit.. I mean.. at all!!! Way off.. I was told no refund and I should have ordered custom measurements. Well, after all of this trouble,,,, I will eat the cost of the dress to never deal with these ppl again. And spread the word to also to keep others from experiencing there own nightmare!!!
    Tamara Valdosta,GA

  3. It seems that the dress looks great and fabric seems ok. And seen what you said from your views, i learned something that is carefully shopping online is reliable. Thanks for your tips.

  4. Wedding pictures are very beautiful, the last time my sister got married when online shopping wedding with you have the same concerns, but received traditionalweddingdresses custom-made clothes or very happy, clothes do very good, very suitable for my sister.

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