Yup! that’s me dancing at our wedding. =)

About me and this blog in 30 seconds…

Found the love of my life
Started to plan our wedding
Found my dream dress Maggie Sottero Hampton at a nearby boutique
Went online to find a discounted version of it
Came across tons of websites that offered it for a fraction of the price…such as inweddingdress.com
Found it difficult to find reviews about these sites
Ordered a replica through inweddingdress.com anyway
A month later the knock off wedding dress arrives…(very excited at this point)
tried it on…..didn’t really love it. It wasn’t terrible..but just wasn’t the same as the original.
Caved in, and bought the REAL Maggie Sottero wedding dress
After the wedding, I decided to start this blog to hopefully compile a list of reviews and help other brides that were in my position.

Here’s my review of the knock off dress that I recieved…





6 thoughts on “About

  1. i suggest you can go to dresstimes to have a look.the price is so great!
    My wedding dress would have cost 1500 and i only paid 278!!!! perfect!!!! Delivery was fast and I have plenty of time to make any alterations neccessary.

  2. Hi – I wanted to share my experience with future & current brides in hopes that you will heed warning!

    I purchased a bridal gown on WEDDINGTRAILER.COM thinking they were a legit company. The site displays beautiful photos of almost every designer out there. In my head I thought: well the original gowns are probably produced in China, so I’m sure this company probably works with the factory that makes them. I took the gamble and went for it! BIG MISTAKE 😦 To my dismay, my dress arrived beyond tacky. I ordered it in champagne color, but instead it came in a creamed corn tone. The fit allowed no space for my arms to go down. The embroidery was a nightmare – it’s as if my 6 year-old niece had sewn it together without cutting off the threads! The entire dress was a bad dream. In addition to that the back of the seams came apart. I’ve actually tried on the real designer’s dress at a boutique, so I knew this knockoff looked NOTHING like the style number the website sold me. I immediately took photos, and contacted customer service. The rep refused to see my photos, and refused the money I offered to ship it back. Under their return policies it states you are eligible for a refund of the full purchase price plus shipping costs for defective, damaged… The rep immediately became defensive and blamed me for not liking my dress, and that was completely unapologetic. Of course I hated the dress, but it didn’t change the fact that there was a defect in the back of my dress! Long story short, I never got my money back, never heard from them again, and am left with a rejected dress. Lesson learned. I just wanted every bride out there to do research first before buying a dress online, especially if it is overseas. Here’s a great scam alert link to start your search: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505123_162-46840209/scam-alert-online-wedding-dress-ripoffs/

    Good luck all!
    – Sara

  3. I thought weddingtrail.com was a well-founded company because the website looked beautiful, along with gorgeous gown photos of almost every designer out there. In my head I thought: the original gowns are probably produced in China, so I’m sure this company probably works with the factory that makes them. Boy, do I feel stupid. I can tell you that I will NEVER do this again. My dress was very poor quality. Weddingtrail.com promotes high quality dresses at low prices, it’s more like cheap price = cheap dress. If you plan on buying your wedding dress online, I strongly urge you not to buy from weddingtrail.com. I consider them to be embezzlers, and the only reason they are getting away with this is because they are located far away in Hong Kong.

  4. why are sara’s and cyndy’s reviews almost verbatim? i mean, if they were both PROMOTING a website, i’d call this a sham, but… why are people spam-hating on a site?

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