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I was extremely worried about the dress I ordered from after reading some awful reviews. I followed others advice and ordered a dress on the plain side. I ordered BC045. The dress does arrive in a small package crumpled up but was fine once I steamed it with an iron. I was extremely impressed with the satin fabric, it didn’t look cheap at all. There were several things I was not impressed with…. The sweetheart neckline of the dress was crooked. The left side was higher and stuck out in a funny way so much that when I turned sideways, you could see my bra in plain sight. The corset string looked awful, very chunky and ill made which makes for a very clumpy look once laced up. Although I ordered a somewhat plain dress, my dress did have pleats in it. Some of them looked beautiful and were well sewn but the ones across my mid section didn’t lay right causing me to look pregnant from the side. I had to re-stitch some of the pleats because the one little stich they put in didn’t hold. The lining of the dress was also slightly longer than the actual dress. I had been fitted at a bridal store and was told I was a size 10 in bridal sizes. The size 10 I ordered from was a little too large, an 8 would’ve fit much better and maybe eliminated the ill looking mid-section pleats.??? To fix the neckline, I folded the top of the neckline down and stitched it. I also added a rhinestone belt that I made. I had a very small destination wedding in Las Vegas so I’m fine with the fact that I ordered a cheap, lower quality dress. Had I had a huge wedding & reception, I would’ve felt uncomfortable about this dress.The dress beautiful in most pics though, except for side view preggo looking ones. I meant to take close up pics for this review but an unexpected ER visit the day of the wedding kind of made me forget to that.

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Will firstly i must say i got the dress in good time the fact that am in Africa i was imprest from inweddingdresses on that point, the packaging was very neat i must say, all i can say is that they tried but not the best……find attached photoes for your perusal…..~Michelle Review #9


I am writing to discourage anyone from using and have attached some pictures of a dress that cost me over £130 from them. The measurements are not correct, the cut is terrible, the back is longer than the front, and they have attached a hook to the back at the top of the zip, but no eye.

To cut a long story short I have been in an ongoing dispute with them for the past few months and have now had to get paypal involved. This company is selling items under false pretences and using pictures that are not representative of the item you end up getting. I don’t want to go on, i’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. BUYER BEWARE is all i’ll say!!

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I bought  2  dresses in  Inwedding to Colombia. The quality is normal. Not bad. They are puntual.

~ Fabiola C.

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(Ordered from
I sent you an email about my wedding dress several months ago, and you requested photos….I hadn’t gotten around to taking any, but today I decided to make sure I still fit into my dress, and while I was trying it on, I snapped a couple of pictures.  All of the information about the dress coming in an impossibly small package, and fairly wrinkled is true, but the dress appeared unharmed by its trip from China to my doorstep, and being packaged inside out is probably a good idea on the vendor’s part.  It fits very well, to the specifications I sent, and the workmanship looks good.  The waist band is not as wide or well-defined as in the original, and there aren’t quite as many beads, and the bottom hem is not straight, but rather curves in a half-circle and only on the front of the dress.  The beading is fine with me, but I will take the dress to have the hem fixed before my big day.  The material is softer than I expected, and feels really nice.  The boning in the top of the dress is perfect, and there is a little strap at bust height in the back of the dress to help ensure that it doesn’t slip off of my while I’m dancing.
I’m very happy with my pick, and am presently on a quest for the perfect shoes.  Still need to get that hem straightened out though.
~Karen J.

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(ordered from

Review 6:

I just received my dress today, a week earlier than expected. The dress is wonderful and came with two sashes! I did custom sizing, irremovable petticoat, bustle, and asked that the straps be removed. Then two weeks later I asked them to leave the straps. When I opened the package I checked for the straps first and they were there, a bit wider than I expected though. The dress isn’t as poofy as I would like, but I’ll just add a crinoline or something along those lines.
This is the dress on the web site:

This is the dress on me:

Back of the dress:

The picture of the dress as a strapless isn’t loading correctly, unfortunately because I like it that way the best. There is even a little strap in the gown that helps your bust sit in the right place. Very happy with it.

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Review by JT:

Hi Girls
Just received my 2 dresses in the mail after 22 working days.
I also ordered a petticoat for the wedding dress, a jacket and a veil.
Note that in all the photos I haven’t ironed the dresses yet (in fact the photos were taken pretty much straight after taking it out of the shipping bag)!

The all important wedding dress first.
Structurally it is good, seams are done well, everything sits right and symmetrical which is the most important part! I think it is about 85% of the pictures. The missing 15%  are:
– not enough folds in the waist area which makes it look less drawn in (and hence the skinny looking waist of the model!)
– embroidery not as fine and dense on the bust (but I actually prefer less embroidery!)
– size about 1/2inch too big. BUT this is fine as you need to take the dress to get it fitted again about 1mth before your wedding anyway (cause all brides lose weight before the wedding yea!!). I don’t think its possible to make a dress only off measurements and expect it to be perfect the first go.

The evening gown.
I ordered “pink” off their colour chart and it is abit too bright but not the end of the world. Structurally its not as flattering as the wedding dress but its probably due to design rather than workmanship of the dress. Compared to the pictures I would say its 80% there. The missing 20% is:
– not quite the neckline as the photo, i.e its more flat and not as “V” as the photos
– the folds on the bust aren’t done too well, maybe an iron can fix it, not sure…
– the middle sash colour isnt matched well
– again size about 1/2 inch too big. BUT this is fine as per comment above

Structurally it is OK and probably 95% close to the pictures. 5% missing is the neckline is too small, when I wear the jacket it looks like I’ve almost got a standing collar. However, the size way too small – the jacket is 3 inches too small in the bust (I ordered 36″ and in the pics you can see its 33″) and the shoulder is missing 2″ (I ordered 16″ and in the pics you can see its 14″). In terms of styling, I did ask customer service whether the jacket should meet in the middle and they said it should and there is a clasp / button of some sort which should hook the jacket close. There is no clasp / button.
I emailed them and was told to take pics with measurements to show them. The jacket being off is not a huge drama but will be a good test of how good their after sales service is!
Also, the shape of the jacket is not tailored in a particularly flattering manner but then I ain’t no model so not entirely a  workmanship fault I guess.

The poorest outcome of them all. The result looks nothing like the picture and the is mainly due to the material used is too stiff and didn’t drape like in the picture. Wouldn’t recommend buying veils here go buy it in a shop.

Doesnt look like the picture at all. Its got a hoop on the bottom and tulle on the outside. But it serves its purpose to shape the dress so no major dramas.

The verdict:
– Pick a structurally simple dress, expect an 85% look-a-like and you shouldn’t be disappointed.
– Don’t leave it last minute and have a backup plan, my jacket is a good example of how wrong it can turn out.
– Buy your veils (and possibly jackets) elsewhere.
– If buying coloured gowns, prepare for it to not be the colour you see on the screen (obvious but true!)
Wish you all the best with your weddings!