Review #7

(Ordered from
I sent you an email about my wedding dress several months ago, and you requested photos….I hadn’t gotten around to taking any, but today I decided to make sure I still fit into my dress, and while I was trying it on, I snapped a couple of pictures.  All of the information about the dress coming in an impossibly small package, and fairly wrinkled is true, but the dress appeared unharmed by its trip from China to my doorstep, and being packaged inside out is probably a good idea on the vendor’s part.  It fits very well, to the specifications I sent, and the workmanship looks good.  The waist band is not as wide or well-defined as in the original, and there aren’t quite as many beads, and the bottom hem is not straight, but rather curves in a half-circle and only on the front of the dress.  The beading is fine with me, but I will take the dress to have the hem fixed before my big day.  The material is softer than I expected, and feels really nice.  The boning in the top of the dress is perfect, and there is a little strap at bust height in the back of the dress to help ensure that it doesn’t slip off of my while I’m dancing.
I’m very happy with my pick, and am presently on a quest for the perfect shoes.  Still need to get that hem straightened out though.
~Karen J.