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Holly ordered from

Ok, so here are some photos. In the first one you can see how the tack stitching is crappy and the rough edges of the fabric comes out when you move in it. The next 3 show how it was cut on an improper bias. The rouching you see before the skirt poofs out is not that. It isn’t supposed to be there. It shows where the dress pulls up because of how the material was cut. As you can see the dress is the proper length because the crinolin hangs to the floor, but again, the bias is off so the dress pulls up about 6 inches. Also, you can’t see in pictures, but the bolt that was used for the train is from a different dye lot than the one used for the rest of the dress. Finally, I ordered the dress in champagne and you can CLEARLY see it is gold. I even looked at the swatch and, although colors look different on the computer, this was nothing like what they showed me. I really hope this helps other brides to be to not make the same mistake. I am on a very strict budget and this mishap presented a great hardship. Good luck.